Celebration at Temple Beth El Sukkah

Thursday, Oct. 20: Kesher Keshet (Rainbow Connection) of Chadeish Yameinu, with 6:30 - 8:00 pm Twice Blessed of Temple Beth El LGBTQI Jews AND Friends and Allies potluck (vegetarian) at Temple Beth El Sukkah, 3055 Porter Gulch Road in Aptos

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Chadeish Yameinu Jewish Renewal of Santa Cruz


Jewish Learning for health care professionals

and all who are called

Thursday, December 8th at 7 pm

[We will study selected texts from Jewish tradition

especially of interest to those in the health care professions,


All are Welcome

This month, Holly Blue Hawkins and Etiel Herring

will present on “From Here to Eternity” -

Jewish end of life rituals and the messages they hold for us

To RSVP, and for location, please contact Rabbi Eli

at rabbiasst@gmail.com or 831-295-8467

“The physician should not treat the disease, but the patient suffering from it.”

“Teach thy tongue to say 'I do not know,' and thou shalt progress.”

For more information about Chadeish Yameinu,

please visit our Facebook page or our website at CYSantaCruz.com

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Old songs are more than tunes-they are little houses in which our hearts once lived. Within your unconscious sleeps a library of wisdom, memory, and feeling cataloged in the words of songs. From lullabies to songs of love and longing, you have an inner language you may be unaware of. Even if you think you don¹t know any songs or have forgotten them all, your subconscious has been storing songs and their meanings since birth.

Sunday, September 18th, 2:30 - 5:00 pm

at a private home in Santa Cruz

$40 per person for members of CY ($50 for general public)

RSVP by September 12th to


The power of Singing from the Heart is in experiencing a new connection to yourself and to others. Come alone or bring someone important to you- friend, lover, parent, someone with whom you¹d like to communicate in a different way. If you wish, bring photographs of significant people in your life, past or present.

* If the idea of getting up and singing in front of other people terrifies you, this workshop is for you.

* If you love to sing in front of other people and want to stretch yourself further, this workshop is for you.

* If you have trouble listening to your own voice, this workshop is for you. If you've been too shy to try, this is your chance.