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Chadeish Yameinu Yahrtzeit

The Chadeish Yameinu community joins you in remembering your beloved.  The Jewish custom of honoring the memory of our loved ones (parents, siblings, children, spouses, grandparents, aunts or uncles) on the anniversary of their passing is called Yahrtzeit (Yiddish for yearly cycle or anniversary). It is our tradition to light a yahrtzeit candle and to attend Shabbat services to say Kaddish for your loved one.

As a Chadeish Yameinu member, we will send you a reminder, and the name of your beloved will be read at our Shabbat service.   Please go to the following link to complete your yahrtzeit information.

You may complete this information sheet as many times as necessary.   

You can email us directly your yahrtzeit information if you'd like.  If you have questions please let us know.


Rabbi Eli


Randa Stolick  Yahrtzeit Coordinator

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