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Chadeish Yameinu's Hebrew School 

Our new school year begins Sunday, October 1 in our Beautiful Sukkah 1818 Felt Street, Santa Cruz, 95062

    Growing a Jewish Renewal Community through hands ­on learning, building strong connections and having fun together.

  • Family ­Centered events, programs & services throughout the year

  • Engages & supports children’s emergent spirit

  • Small class size & dynamic teaching staff

  • Flexible, individualized program

  • B’nai Mitzvah students help shape their own service

  • Develop your Jewish identity & a life­long love of learning

  • Direct mentoring with Rabbi Eli, who connects and inspires













Chadeish Yameinu, an open, egalitarian Jewish Renewal Community, represents diversity.

Our school provides flexible alternatives for all families, including “traditional,” single-­parent, gay/lesbian and interfaith.

CY Community School offers classes in Jewish holidays, Hebrew Play/Reading, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Family learning, and much more!

We help our young people become critical thinkers, empowered to develop personal perspectives.

Our youth integrate Jewish values with the challenges facing today’s global community.

Rabbi Eli Cohen is a wonderful bridge between religious traditions & progressive values,

carrying the depth and joy of Jewish spirituality into our emerging paradigm.

Children, Families & Adults, Join Our Commitment to Lifelong Learning & Renewal!

CY Hebrew School   Please invite all families you know!

2023–2024 Schedule 

Our new school year begins Sunday, October 1 in our Beautiful Sukkah 1818 Felt Street, Santa Cruz, 95062

Our wonderful morah (teacher), Danit Reitman, taught last year with us and is continuing with us this year.  She will be receiving her degree in Jewish Education for young children from Jewish American University.

   Starting Oct 8, our groups will be in our great new classroom. 

  •  Kitah Aleph: (KA - Class 1)  First year students on the B’Mitzvah track 

        4-5:30pm (15 min recess) Every Sunday

  • Hebrew Play (HP) Hebrew letter games & projects, holidays and learning more about Judaism.

         4:45-5:30PM    Every other Sunday

  • We offer private tutoring for all students at different levels, including ready to become B’Mitzvah

Please contact Hebrew School Chair: 

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