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Sacred Listening Circle

Friday, November 11

7:45 pm

Many in the community are having strong feelings about the elections. There are many people who have expressed to me that they are literally grieving, or anxious, or depressed. I am sure that there are also some who are hopeful about the changes to come.

Glancing through my emails and Facebook, one friend has suggested giving ourselves a day of grief and mourning, as in a shiva. Others have quoted Rebbe Nachman of Bratslov's teachings about never giving in to despair. Another friend sugguested that we re-double our commitment to our values by by giving to causes and organizations that promote our values, such as those that engage in healh-care in minority communities or assist needy immigrant families.

I am calling a "Sacred Listening Circle" for this coming Friday, at the start of our Shabbat gathering. (7:45 pm at the Vets Hall, 846 Front Street in downtown Santa Cruz). This will give us a time to be together, to share what is on our hearts and to truly listen to each other, as we find our way through this new reality.


Rabbi Eli

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