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Wednesday, Sept.7, 7-8:30 pm (at a private home in Santa Cruz)

Join with Reb Eli and writer/lover of Torah Deborah Allen as we create a context for daily study and reflection during Elul, the month leading up to the High Holy Days.

Using the work of Alan Lew, Rachel Barenblat, and others, our evening will focus on creating personal daily practices to navigate this powerful time, a time where… "this is real, and you are totally unprepared." RSVP by Sept. 1 to:

"The Great Journey of transformation begins with the acknowledgment that we nee to make it. It is not something we are undertaking for amusement, nor even for the sake of conviction; rather, it is a spiritual necessity." Alan Lew

For more information about Chadeish Yameinu, please visit our Facebook page or our website at:

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