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We Need Your Help

Dear Chevre, In order to achieve our congregational goals and save money it is important that we have a strong volunteering community. First I want to congratulate the whole community on coming through with pledges that keep our beloved rabbi here with us in Santa Cruz. Welcome all who have joined our Jewish Renewal Congregation this past year. We have one more goal to achieve. With our limited resources we cannot function without volunteer help from each and every one of you. This includes services, holiday celebrations, education, fundraisers, social justice projects, assistance to our rabbi, and serving on the Board. Specifically, right now the most important needs are: 1) a coordinator for fundraising, 2) a coordinator for volunteer positions, 3) volunteers to help Lynn LeRose and Akiva Bankole put on a successful fundraiser this spring, 4) volunteers to help provide meals for the homeless at every third Sunday of the month, and 5) a volunteer for publicity and various events assistance/support. No matter how busy you are or what your limitations are, please find a way and some time to volunteer. We have members who do so, but more volunteer help is needed. Please do not hesitate. Reply to me and let me know how you can contribute (time, i.e.) to ensuring that our congregation thrives. Remember that we cannot take CY for granted. We are CY, and we are responsible. Todah rabah and b'ahava, Diane Klein 688-1154

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