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Chai Chaf

Welcome to Chai Chaf

Chai (CY = Chadeish Yameinu = chet yod) Chaf (Chavurah for Families)

This new group is to help serve the needs of CY families with children. Membership in the group is not restricted to families with children. It is for a) Families of CY (or those considering CY) who would like to join in discussions and developing programming to meet the needs of families of children as a whole, and b) Those who are interested in supporting/serving the needs of families with children. The programs are for the entire family. That is, they are not "drop off" programs; as many family members as wish can join in the fun. The group is not a promise of programming for families. It is a means for families to work together and with Reb Eli to meet the needs of families at CY. What's offered will depend on what our members are moved to contribute.

The idea of the group is to support lifelong learning, celebrate living Jewishly and strengthen community through volunteer programming. Rabbi Eli is excited to work with volunteers who will serve as his co-pilot for each event/program planned. Reb Eli will provide the rabbinic roots and trunk of the gathering. Michelle Leah Gomez will attempt to facilitate this process by assisting online during the wee hours of the night when her children (Aviel, Adoniyah & Asayah) are asleep.

The group will also provide a means for a CY voice regarding the needs of families with children. If you have made it this far -- and are interested in joining us, please PM the group's host (Michelle Leah Gomez) or email or follow the "request to join this group" link on our page

Please provide 1) Your name, 2) Your FB name, if different, 3) A few lines (that we can cut and paste to share with the group) ~ about your family (if you wish -- names, children's ages, community where you live, etc.), ~ what you would like to see from the group and ~ what you might like to contribute.


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