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Volunteers Welcome

Dear Community, I am excited to be launching a new initiative that was approved by the Chadeish Yameinu Board at the June meeting. Based on the feedback from members at the membership meetings last year, the board agrees that increased volunteerism is a crucial element of Chadeish Yameinu's sustainability. We are asking all members to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours over the course of the year. This mitzvah will enable Chadeish Yameinu to offer diverse programming, do outreach to the community, and raise much needed funds. We are committed to helping people find volunteer opportunities that match their interest and skills. The link below will take you to a form for signing up, and attached is a short description of the various volunteer roles. We are asking people to consider serving as a coordinator or being on a committee and, if time allows, also signing up to help for a Shabbat service or holiday event. Many hands makes light work! Please use the link multiple times for different family members. Youth that have completed their Bat or Bar Mitzvah are encouraged to volunteer. Here's the link. PLEASE click on it right now and join our community in bringing CY into it's next decade of joyous Jewish renewal! We are actively recruiting for these high demand roles. Please consider filling one of them. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Fundraising Coordinator Fundraising Committee Shabbat Coordinator High Holidays Coordinator (and helpers!) Please feel free to contact me or Diane Klein for support in choosing a volunteer job. Many thanks and much love, Alisun Thompson & Diane Klein

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