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Join us at our home at The Center for Spiritual Living

A note from the Board

As events continue to unfold in Israel and Gaza, the board wishes to address the congregation. We appreciate the diversity of perspectives and experiences of our congregation and we sincerely hope that the range of emotions and opinions can serve to both strengthen and support each other in the coming months.  Most of us are struggling with so many mixed emotions: our desire for security in Israel and freedom for Israeli hostages, anger at Hamas, anger at Israel’s government and military response, sympathy for the struggles and lost lives of Palestinians in Gaza, desires for peace and compassion, and sadness, and outrage for lost lives on both sides. These conflicting emotions come from our love for Israel, peace, a just world, and our values as Jewish People. It is the board’s desire to strive for Chadeish Yameinu to help nurture these Jewish values and as a place where everyone can feel safe and supported as we all struggle through these tumultuous times. 

B'shalom u'v'brachot, 

CY Board of Directors  - November 9, 2023

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Doctor Lost or Found Podcast

Rabbi Eli Cohen and Dr. Michelle Choi speak about the Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. Kabbalah is a discipline and school of thought in Jewish mysticism, to explain the relationship between the unchanging and eternal God. We talk about how God moves in mysterious ways, how the essence of God could have always been there even when we don't see it. A truly fascinating discussion as we talk about true knowledge as we try to understand our inner process, learn and grow, to know the essence of God.

We have services at our physical shul!

And we still have an array of exciting virtual classes and services available via Zoom. Join us for Kabbalat Shabbat services, Saturday morning services.

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We are Open! 

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Did you miss our Paul Simon Benefit Concert? Did you see it and want to see it again? 

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