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Donation, Membership, and Purchases

Yes, I will donate the PayPal Fees (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction)

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One Time or Recurring donation?
Tree of Life
 Leaf Dedication Donation 

A beautiful metal "Tree of Life" now hangs on the wall as you enter our shul. This exquisite art was donated by Shalom & Yuhu Braveman. It offers a unique opportunity to support our congregation. For a contribution of $100 each, you can dedicate a leaf to a loved one or use one to acknowledge yourself. 

Send a check for as many leaves as you would like to: Chadeish Yameinu, P.O. Box 3578, Santa Cruz, CA. 95063 and indicate how we should inscribe it.  Due to size limitations, there is only room for a single line per leaf, such as "In honor of _____, In memory of _____, In tribute to _____, Dedicated by _____."  Indeed, as we sing at our Shabbat services, "it is a tree of life to those that hold fast to it, and all its supporters are happy."


PLEASE READ before clicking on the red “Donate” button


You can use our Donate button to pay for any MONTHLY, QUARTERLY, YEARLY or ONE-TIME contribution to CY.  You must first tells us what the donation is for, the AMOUNT of your donation (WARNING: do NOT attach a dollar sign $ to the amount!) and select your preferred FREQUENCY of payment in the bottom window.  You can change the default frequency of Monthly by clicking on the "v" icon.  Once you are sure of your selections in the windows provided, then you can click on the red "Donate" button.


Another page will open on the CY web site with a second yellow-colored “Donate” button.  Click this button to now be directed to our Paypal system where you can securely set up your scheduled payment.



You do not need a Paypal account to use this system – but if you do, you will be given the option to make payment(s) from your personal Paypal account.  Selecting a frequency of Monthly / Quarterly / or Yearly will initiate automatic recurring payments of the amount you've selected.  That amount will automatically continue until you let us know you wish to cancel your scheduled payments. 

Donating by check?

Feel free to send us a check instead of electronic payments.

Send checks to :

Chadeish Yameinu,

P.O. Box 3578,

Santa Cruz, CA. 95063

and remember to add the purpose of the donation in the memo.

Sponsor a Shabbat Service

Sponsorship involves $100 per service. In return, sponsoring individuals will receive both the satisfaction of their good deed, and public recognition and thanks during the service and in CY's weekly newsletter Aleph Branch. 

Additional details are provided on the Shabbat page. Interested individuals should contact Shabbat coordinator Shefa Rich

Special Business Offers

Many people donate 10% of their yearly income to organizations that provide for their spiritual well being. In this spirit, some members of our community have offered to donate part of their earnings from sales made to CY members to benefit the CY community. Is there a way for you, too, to donate a percentage of your income to CY if that income is made from customers or clients who are CY members?

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