Archetypes and Jewish Tradition: A Conversation between Jungian and Jewish Archetypes

with Dr. Baruch Dolowich and R'Eli

3 parts

Feb. 5 and 12, dialogue between Jungian archetypes and Jewish thought. March 12, dialogue between Chinese archetypes and Jewish thought.

Join Dr. Baruch (Gary) Dolowich and Rabbi Eli Cohen as we explore the similar themes found in the teachings of Judaism and spiritual traditions from around the world.

In our first two meetings we will draw upon Jungian archetypal psychology, particularly the images of the Warrior, Lover, Sovereign, and Sage, as a map for health and wholeness. Of special interest will be the opportunity to compare this model to the Kabbalistic concept of the Four Worlds.

At our final class we will be travelling to China as we uncover parallels between the Tao, Yin-Yang, and the elements and Jewish thought. Throughout the presentation, exercises, slides, Ch’i Gong, and spiritual poetry will be used to create a “sacred space” for this conversation.

Take any of these classes or the whole series. Early sign-up is encouraged.

• 3 Tuesday evenings 7–8:30 pm Feb 5, Feb 12, Mar 12

• Each class: Members $20, Non-members $30.

• Whole series: Members $50, Non-members $65


Then make your payment donation on the Support Page.


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