Wonderful Chassidic Teachings - Tuesday 2-3:30 (Private Aptos Home)

For many years now, we have had a study and discussion group ("chevruta"), that meets weekly for very special and deep teachings based on each week's Parsha (Torah portion).

We are now opening up this opportunity for those interested to come join us.

The only minimum requirements are the ability to read Hebrew and a willingness to improve your skills while opening up to the depth of the teachings.

The Chevruta meets on Tuesdays 2-3.30pm (though that could shift depending on interest) at a private home in Aptos, and is generally led by Reb Eli.

Each year or two, we select a different text/commentary. Currently we are studying the "Sefat Emet" by Rabbi Yehudah Leib of Ger with translation and commentary in English by Arthur Green.

If you are interested or for more information, please contact Reb Eli at 831-295-8467 or rabbiasst@gmail.com.


'This has been so very nourishing to my Soul and has helped much improve my Hebrew reading. Our discussions are also an additional nurturing part of the sessions'. Juliet Goldstein

'I've found that studying these incredible teachings with participants at many different skill levels has been exceptionally rewarding. The depth of the conversations and the insights stay with me all week.' R' Eli Cohen


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