Chadeish Yameinu has a new home.

After 25 years without a home, Chadeish Yameinu is finally putting down roots.

Come to our Open House Celebration

All day Sunday, June 10, at the Galleria,

740 Front Street, Suite 170, Santa Cruz,

to see the new shul.

Participate in creating a sacred space for your spiritual home at Chadeish Yameinu, a Jewish Renewal Congregation, through writing a check for the Move In Fund. The mailing address is P.O. Box 3578, Santa Cruz, Ca. 95063

Help us reach the $10,000 goal. We have raised a little over $6,000 so far. What would you like to have? Comfy matching chairs, healthy good lighting, a beautiful housing for the Ark, a convection toaster oven for heating food? Whatever it is, your contribution can make it happen. If you want to volunteer time as well for whatever of the many tasks is up for doing, e.g. researching prices for things and best deals, please email Maersch is collecting names for Lila Klapman, our Facilities Coordination Chairperson.

Thanks to everyone who is pitching in as we ease into our new space at the Galleria.

If you have any of the following please let us know:

1. - An efficient vacuum cleaner, not too big

2. - An attractive coat rack

Also, if you have a flexible hour or so where you may be able to help with small tasks as they come up, let us know how we can reach out to you - email, phone or text?

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