Tikkun Olam

The CY Tikun Olam Social Action Committee held our first Tikun Olam potluck featuring a local organization doing mitzvah work in the community. The event was a huge success. There were approximately 30 people in attendance, half were CY members and half were members of our host location, Walnut Commons. Our guest was Chip from the Santa Cruz Downtown Association, who came to share about the amazing new program he is hoping to bring to town. "Streets Team" is a program that seeks to engage homeless and low-income residents to do beautification projects around downtown. In exchange, they are given vouchers for housing, food, etc. Streets Team has been a big success in other communities. Since the potluck, the Santa Cruz City Council has approved the recommendation to adopt this program. Our CY Tikun Olam committee will be following up to see how we might actively support this project. In addition, keep an eye out for our next Tikun Olam potluck in late summer. It also promises to be a very special event.


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