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Building Community with Friday Evening Shabbat Dinners

If you would like to host a Shabbat dinner on a Friday night that CY is not offering a Shabbat Service please contact Leah Kushner, Membership Chair, at

If you are interested in attending one of the following Shabbat Dinners please let me know by email.

We are looking for people who would like to host the following dates:

December 23

Please let me know:

a) the date, time, and number of people you would like to host;

b) will you be providing the food/drink or is this a potluck and how would you like to organize it, food and menu restrictions. Please note: this is up to the host.

c) any other helpful information (for example, other families with children, people with certain similar interests, accessibility such as pets, stairs, etc.)

d) would like some help and support (such as learning the blessing over candles, where you can find challah, etc.).

e) directions and details needed to your home.


Leah Kushner

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