After 25 years without a home, Chadeish Yameinu is finally putting down roots.  

Come to our Open House Celebration

All day Sunday, June 10, at the Galleria, 

740 Front Street, Suite 170, Santa Cruz, 

to see the new shul. 

Participate in creating a sacre...


Save the Date!

From Biblical Sarah to Seinfelt-Jewish Humor Through the Ages

Offering dozens of examples from various genres of Jewish humor through the ages, Rabbi Arnie Sleutelberg paints the hues and textures of Jewish life that generated a rich tradition of comedic s...


Torah Service

Join us for a Shabbat Morning Service, Saturday, June 9, 10 am, at the new soul, the Galleria, 740 Front Street, Suite 170, Santa Cruz. All are welcome.

Vegetarian potluck lunch follows at around 12:15 pm.Please bring food to share.


From Choir Girl to Bar Mitzvah Boy

From Hidden Jew to Gay Rabbi: A Queer Love Story

Presented by Robert Crow and Rabbi Arnie Sleutelberg

At Temple Beth El, 3055 Porter Gulch Road, Aptos

Robert Crowe was born in the UK. He was raised as a girl within the faith of the Churc...


Team Members are working alongside volunteers from Chadeish Yameinu Jewish Renewal and from the community on our second Hygiene Kit Assembly event! These kits include essentials like socks, toothbrushes, and hand sanitizer. Thank you to our friends at Emerging Leaders...


Chadeish Yameinu is forming a "SOUP BANK." 

Someone has donated a freezer for our use.  

This way, any time we are able, we can do the mitzvah of

preparing soup for members in need 

(post surgery, sitting shiva, unable to get out, etc.).

If you would like to make (or r...