We are looking to start a group for families with young children.

This will be member-run, with Shaun Ordinario and Lynn LeRose as moderators, though everyone will be able to help choose content.  

We will meet monthly and will include a check in from each family, a...


A Creative Map  System Designed by Rabbi Leah Novick & Rabbi Sarah Leah Grafstein  

Teacher: Michele Hodah Newman 

Traditionally, we honor the Ushpizin, Great Beings in our Jewish HisStory, 

as we welcome them into the Sukkah to be with us. 

We usually de...


It’s said that there are hundreds of names of
G-d. We’ll examine some of the most common names as well as a few of the more esoteric ones. Come to one or both classes.

With Etiel Herring and Rabbi Eli;

Contact Leona Phillips, Leonaphillips@comcast.net


$20 per sessi...


Kabbalah means “receiving.”
t’s a tradition rich in mysticism.

It waters the beautiful garden of Judaism.

And, it can bring us into a closer connection with the Sacred.

Suggested reading:

Kabbalah: A Sourcebook of Visionary Judaism, by Edward Hoffman;

Path of the Kabbalah,...


Deepen your insights and love of Torah by learning to leyn (chant) in Hebrew.

Ability to read Hebrew required.

R’ Eli, teacher and contact: rebeli@sbcglobal.net

Free 1:00 pm

November 7 • November 14 • November 21 • December 5 • December 12 • December 19


Artist and Psychotherapist, Andrew Purchin, will share The Curious Scroll and some of the stories that arrived. 

The Curious Scroll is a 170 foot “living Torah” which toured the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in 2016 and Santa Cruz County in 2018. 



All events at the CY Sukkah  located at Center for Spiritual Living,

1818 Felt Street (off 17th Ave.) in Santa Cruz (except as otherwise noted) 

All are welcome to all events!       [DRESS WARMLY FOR THE EVENINGS]


Thursday, October 10 and  Fri...