Flying Right, Coming Home--A High Holidays Message from CY President Batya Kagan

Yom Kippur 2015 When I was young I distinctly remember what my New Jersey raised father would say when he thought I needed some “gentle guidance:” Straighten up and Fly Right, would ya? I think it is safe to say that most of us have come here because we have heard a call that resembles my father’s words (hopefully in gentler tones). We want to live a life of morality, honesty, courage and joy, to fly right in a world where it is easy to get blown off course. So here is Yom Kippur to help us “fly right” but then there is the question: why did we land here at Chadeish Yameinu in particular? For some of us, it is just easier to hear air traffic control here, whether it’s the spaciousness in t

Building Community with Friday Evening Shabbat Dinners

If you would like to host a Shabbat dinner on a Friday night that CY is not offering a Shabbat Service please contact Leah Kushner, Membership Chair, at If you are interested in attending one of the following Shabbat Dinners please let me know by email. Space is filling up fast for the following Shabbats. if you are interested please contact me. Friday September 25th Rose Ashford will host Shabbat in her home in South Aptos. Rose has 2 cats. This is a vegan/vegetarian meal for 6-8. Wine or a dish is welcome but not required. Please RSVP. Friday December 18th Ivan Rosenblum and Mary Fran will host a Shabbat in their Santa Cruz home. They would like to host a soup(s

What Is Jewish Renewal?

JEWISH RENEWAL Rabbi Marcia Prager, Dean, ALEPH Rabbinic Program Jewish Renewal is a phenomenon, not a denomination . It resembles Reform Judaism in some ways, Reconstructionism in other ways, and even Orthodoxy - especially Hassidism - in some important ways. But it is not a formal denomination with a formal hierarchy or structure. It is the ongoing creative project of a generation of Jews who are seeking to renew Judaism and bring its spiritual and ethical vitality into our lives and communities, and at the same time embrace a global vision of the role of all human beings and spiritual paths in the transformation of life on this precious planet. Jewish Renewal is dedicated to revealing Jud